A change in business direction

Have you recently had to change the way you run your business?

We have seen so many of you take a deep breath, consider what’s important and look for ways in which you can make a change for the positive.

With a night in and a take-away being the new big night out, we thought we would share just how easy it is to brand your new business direction.

Business entrepreneur and friend of English Stamp, Christian has bought many stamps from us over the years for his restaurants and establishments but it was only recently that he discovered just what a versatile tool a rubber stamp is.

With a new and exciting project ahead Christian wanted to brand take-away boxes and cups as you would expect but also staff t-shirts and the unit décor too.

One stamp and a couple of different ink pads makes this possible without expensive printing costs or minimal print orders.

Coffee Cups:

Eco-friendly, uncoated coffee cups stamp really well. We would recommend a stamp size between 25mm – 65mm depending on your design and the size of you cups. VersaFine ink pads are fast drying and are waterproof on so won’t smudge. Our top tip for stamping coffee cups is to keep a few cups inside the one you’re stamp so you have something firmer to push against. Roll the stamp from one side to the other and then lift away from the cup. Practice makes perfect so you might want to wrap a piece of scrap paper around a cup to have a go first without wasting a materials.

Food Packaging:

Whether it’s soup pots, noodle cartons, brown paper bags, carry packs, pizza boxes or take-away boxes, they can all be branded with a custom logo stamp. If the packaging is flat packed, stamp them in this form and have them ready to go. If like these take-out boxes, they are pre-formed, place a solid block under the lid so that you have a hard surface to push the stamp against.


Using a VersaCraft fabric ink pad, you can use the same stamp to brand your teams workwear, be that a t-shirt or a pinny! Once stamped, heat set the impression with an iron to make the stamped logo washable. You can read a more in-depth blog about fabric stamping here.

Bags for life:

You can use the same fabric ink to stamp tote bags so that your customers carry your brand with them where ever they go.

Bunting and Decoration:

Fabric or paper bunting can be customised using your stamp and the relevant ink pad. The VersaCraft ink pads also work on untreated wood so the possibilities really are endless; sharing boards, place mats, coasters, notice boards e.t.c.

Business Cards:

You can read our blog on hand-stamped business cards here.

Thank you for reading

If you brand with one of our custom stamps, be sure to tag us in your social media photos, we’d love to see how you’re using yours.

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