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Carry your theme on through to your wedding favours with our matching favour stamps. They could be used to stamp seed packets, mini jam jars, homemade soaps etc. as well as being used to embellish table stationery such as place settings or an order of service.

You can also design and upload your order online using our custom rubber stamp image upload system.

Wedding favours are used by the happy couple to give their guests a bespoke gift to keep. Wedding favors are personalised wedding guest gifts, usually of low value, to create a sense of bonding and belonging between the married couple and their invited guests. You can buy ready made wedding favours, but many couples like to have personalised wedding favours or homemade wedding favours. The gifts inside the favour are usually low value, but it’s the packing of them which can set them apart. If you make your own wedding favours, you will often find that they are wrapped in personalised paper, using custom rubber stamps to create this effect.Read More..

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