Gifts for Animal Lovers

Our Gifts for Animal-Lovers Collection has themed stamps for an original and stylish way to give to your animal-loving friends. Rubber stamps are such a useful and economical way to create your own look and create a fabulous effect. We also offer stamp kits, personalised stampspet stamps, name stamps and many other custom stamps … we have plenty of rubber stamp ideas but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Pet rubber stamps are rubber stamps with a design or logo of your pet. Popular pet stamps are dog stamps, cat stamps and bunny stamps. It is possible to get a very good likeness of any animal or pet and to make an animal stamp.

You can also have a horse rubber stamp, pony stamp, goat stamp or pretty much any kind of animal rubber stamp you like. Our technology uses a photographic process to exactly replicate the animals features onto a custom animal rubber stamp.

The English Stamp Company has a large range of dog breed rubber stamps designed by the renowned printmaker Debbie Kendall. The range comprises well over 100 individual dog breeds which are all available as dog rubber stamps. We also have a selection of different pet rubber stamps such as cat stamps and bunny stamps. There is also a range of pet paw print stamps including dog paw rubber stamps and cat paw stamps. 

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Ideas and uses for your pet rubber stamps

You can use pet stamps for many different craft projects. One of the most common use of pet rubber stamps is to make personalised greetings cards and personalised wrapping papers. It can be very effective to take a sheet of brown paper and stamp it all over using your pet paw stamp and quickly and economically make your own custom gift wrap. Custom pet stamps can also be used on fabrics and many customers have stamped plain cotton fabric with their pet rubber stamps and used the fabric to make up dog beds with the pet’s own image on the fabric. This would also work well with dog paw stamps or cat paw rubber stamps. Children would also like pyjamas or duvet covers stamped with the image of their own pet.

How to use your pet rubber stamps

To use your pet stamps, you should hold the stamp facing upwards and tap the ink pads down from above to evenly coat the stamp with ink. Press the pet stamp onto the paper, fabric or card and your design will be transferred. Re ink the pet stamp every impression and you will quickly be able to to finish your project.

Why choose The English Stamp Company for your pet stamps?

The English Stamp Company has been making custom rubber stamps for over 30 years. Buy one of standard design of pet stamps or have your very own pet made into a stamp. This is down by emailing us a photo of your pet and we can photographically convert the image into a pet rubber stamp. The rubber stamp will exactly match the photo of your pet and we can make it into a custom pet rubber stamp. Pet stamps can make excellent gifts for adults or kids. People love to have their cherished pet made into a pet rubber stamp. The problem is knowing when to stop stamping your pet stamp all over the house! Our standard range of dog stamps also makes a wonderful gift and memento of dogs past and present. Custom personalised pet stamps are a very special gift.

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