Which ink pad do you need?

We only recommend the ink pads sold on our website. If you intend to use a different medium, you will need to check with the manufacturer that the product is suitable. DO NOT use any chemicals or spirits on your stamps.

For more tips and advice on how to get the best results from your stamps with our ink pads, check out our Stamping and Inking Tips page here.

Which Ink Pad Do I Need?

PAPER & CARD STOCK (uncoated)

VersaFine ink pads - For the best results every time. These ink pads are especially good for small text and fine detail. The pad is raised so can be used on any size stamp.VersaColor ink pads - are very similar but not quite as good for really fine detail but do offer a great choice with over 50 colours to choose from. The pad is raised so can be used on any size stamp.XL ink pads - one of our best sellers. They are suitable for stamps up to 130mm x 100mm in size.VersaCraft ink pads - Whilst more suited to fabric and wood, these ink pads will also work well on paper and card. The pad is raised so can be used on any size stamp.Delicata range - If you're looking for a metallic finish. The pad is raised so can be used on any size stamp.


VersaCraft ink pads - They are slightly juicier than regular ink pads so apply the ink sparingly. The pad is raised so can be used on any size stamp.
If you are stamping on fabric, we recommend washing the fabric prior to stamping is you need to remove sizing. Once stamped, iron the stamped area to heat set the ink. This will make the ink permanent and washable.
If you are stamping on wood, terracotta or cork, you may wish to apply a spray varnish to fix it for a harder wearing finish.

StazOn ink pads - For coated and non- porous surfaces. As this ink is a little harder wearing on the stamps, we recommend regular cleaning with StazOn cleaner.


With all options, if you intend to use your stamp and ink pad for commercial purposes, we recommend you test the option to check it works for your intended purpose.

Which Ink Pad Does What?

Our range includes Extra Large, VersaFine, VersaColor, VersaCraft, VersaMark, Stazon and Metallic Ink Pads. All of our ink pads will work well on uncoated paper.

VersaFine Ink Pads are 75 x 35mm and are great for fine detail or small text.

Metallic Ink Pads are 75 x 45mm. They are quick-drying true metallic ink available and are perfect for embossing as well as stamping.

VersaCraft Ink Pads are 75 x 45mm and are suitable for stamping onto natural fabric and wood. Pre-wash the fabric before stamping to remove sizing and we recommend heat-setting your prints to make them permanent.

StazOn Ink Pads are 75 x 45mm and are for stamping onto non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay,  laminated paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, photo, glass, porcelain, terracotta, cellophane

VersaMark Ink Pads are 75 x 45mm and have no colour. They can be used for creating a watermark effect or a great base for embossing. You can use the Versamark Pen for embossing too.

VersaColor Mini Cube Ink Pads are  25 x 25mm. These little ink pads are great when you are choosing lots of colours and perfect for gifts or adding additional colours to our stamp kit.

VersaColor Large Ink Pads are 75mm x 45mm. They come in a lovely range of colours and can be used for embossing as well as general stamping.

XL Ink Pads are suitable for stamps up to 130mm x 100mm. They are a pigment based


Inking Large Stamps

To ink larger stamps, you can use inkpads that have their pads raised a few millimetres above the plastic.
Large stamps work well but do require more patience and practice. You will get the best results using this inking technique and working above your project, i.e. standing up and working on a regular height table so you can use your body weight to push down on the stamp.

1. Hold the stamp face up in one hand and the ink pad in the other.

2. Using a dabbing movement, cover the stamp with the ink pad. Don’t push too hard as you risk flooding your design.


3. The stamp is now fully inked.

4. Hold the stamp carefully over the surface to be stamped. Press down with a even amount of pressure.


5. The finished result!

6. To ink using this technique, choose a raised ink pad.


My Ink Pad is too small for my stamp

If you have a raised ink pad, you will be able to ink any size stamp.

You can cover the stamp by dabbing the ink pad over the surface of your stamp until it entirely covered. Whilst this may sound time consuming, the results are usually better as the ink coverage is much more thorough.

Be sure to tap the ink pad against the surface of the stamp rather than wiping the ink over the stamp.

You will also avoid over inking your stamp which will not only give you better results, it will also prolong the life of your stamp.

How do I stamp with multiple colours?

Stamping with Multiple Colours

You needn't limit yourself to just one colour when inking with our stamps.

1. Choose the colours you wish to use. VersaColor mini cube inkpads are useful for this technique because you can apply the ink precisely using the edges of their raised ink pad. You can also use any of our Raised Ink Pads

2. Apply the first ink colour to your stamp, making sure to remove any excess ink that gets in to unwanted parts of the stamp using a cloth or cotton tip.



3. Apply the second ink, being careful not to mix the colours. If you need to add particularly fine details it might be useful to use the eraser on the end of a pencil or similar.

4. When you’re satisfied that your design is inked up accurately, stamp it onto your chosen surface.



5. If stamping onto paper or card you can also add a plain or sparkly clear embossing powder to give it a raised effect.

6. The finished effect!

View our page on caring for your stamps to make them last longer.


Ink Pads for Embossing

Use embossing powders with our stamps to create an elegant, raised effect to your craft projects.

Stamp with one of the following ink pads in the normal way and then, whilst the ink is still wet, add embossing powder. Shake of any excess before using our heat tool to set the powder in place.

VersaMark Ink Pad - A clear ink that will discretely hold your powder in place.VersaMark Pen - Write or draw with one if the two tips and then add your embossing powder for stunning results.

You can also use any of our coloured ink pads.

Ink Pads for embossing

The colour of the ink will only show through if you are using one of the clear or translucent powders. If you are embossing with white powder, we recommend the VersaMark ink pads or at least a pale coloured ink.

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