How Green are We?

Our wooden stamp handles have always been made especially for us and are manufactured in the UK. They are made of beech wood from a fast-growing and very sustainable tree. Our beech is ethically-sourced and grown within the EU.

Our stamps are made of polymer, not natural rubber. Compared to natural rubber, our process uses around 95% less electricity to manufacture your stamps and produces about 67% less waste material. There are no noxious fumes produced in our process, unlike with natural rubber.

We have replaced all the lighting in our factory, changing fluorescent strip lighting for modern high frequency tubes. We now use approximately 60% less electricity to produce roughly the same volume of stamps.

We removed the propane gas heating from our factory and our winter heating is now supplied by a wood burning stove. To feed this in the future, we have planted 500 ash trees on part of our land. We should be self-sufficient by 2025. It’s a while off, but we have at least set the clock ticking and we have access to sufficient firewood at present

We are very proud to say all our orders are delivered to our customers in
Our boxes are made from recycled & recyclable card, packed out with recycled & recyclable paper, taped up with recyclable tape and topped off with a compostable invoice wallet.

What’s more, the filler paper makes excellent wrapping paper. Smooth it out, stamp it up and hey presto…! We hope you will pin our postcard up somewhere or pass it on to a friend but if not, they are un-coated so easy to recycle.

We are conscious of our shopping habits and where possible use local businesses. For over 25 years our milk has been delivered by our local milkman, in lovely glass bottles instead of plastic. Our hand wash, cleaning products and even our loo rolls are bulk bought, environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

We are lucky to be surrounded by green land and when the house garden started to overflow, it made sense to reinstate a forgotten veg patch at the back of the workshop.

Our daughter Bella and a few four-legged assistants made fast work of turning the land back over. We keep any kitchen waste (mostly tea-bags) to turn in to the soil.


Since then, we have enjoyed an abundance of produce including potatoes, courgettes, onions, pumpkins and beetroot, with only a little lost to the cheeky bunnies who have loved the new allotment as much as us!

In 2014 we made a few changes to the approach to the office which meant less paving & gravel and more green space. We took this opportunity to sow native meadow flowers. We’re delighted every Spring to see how well they are thriving, the Oxeye Daisies in particular.


When you live in a rural area, everyone knows everyone and it seems every conversation takes you down an unusual turn. One such conversation led to us being given the opportunity to rehome a bird hide, which we of course jumped at.

It is now nestled in a cosy corner of our field and not only provides the perfect lookout, but also doubles up as a gorgeous new ‘function room’ with fairy lights, candles, decorative foliage and of course, a few tasty nibbles and beverages!

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