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You can also design and upload your order online using our custom rubber stamp image upload system.​

We make many different types of save the date custom rubber stamps. This type of save the date rubber stamp is used to make cards to notify your guests when your big day is happening. Traditionally people might have had cards printed, but now with our personalised save the date stamps, you can quickly and easily make your own cards at a fraction of the cost of buying expensive printed stationery. A save the date rubber stamp will contain the basic information about your event – what it is, where it is and when it is. Your guests will assume that the full information will follow later – possibly via a custom personalised invitation rubber stamp! Read More..

Rubber stamp images have been used very successfully for many uses in home made weddings. We can start by using the rubber stamps for the save the date stamps. These can be done with handwriting rubber stamps or standard rubber stamp fonts. You can then have custom image stamps to make the wedding invitations, which can include information about the wedding. This can be a map drawing made into a custom personalised rubber stamp. We can make wedding favour rubber stamp for little gifts for your guests. We’ve seen custom picture rubber stamps of the happy couple used to rubber stamp paper cups for rustic weddings an also to custom rubber stamp wooden cutlery. And of course it’s lovely to have a custom photo stamp to use on your custom wedding thank you cards.

Why use custom save the date stamps for your wedding?

Home made cards using custom personalised save the date stamps are a great way for the hosts of the event to get in the mood. Brides and grooms often wish to get together to have a happy bonding session making custom personalised invitations. It can really help to get people into the mood by getting together and hand making some cards. Once the custom personalised cards have been made with the save the date stamp they can be stored carefully until they are needed and any other items can also be made, such as the custom personalised wedding invitations, as well as custom wedding favour stamps and custom table decorations, made using your personalised custom rubber stamps.

The custom save the date stamps are very tactile and people will like to keep them as a memento of their big day. The personalised custom save the date stamps look very attractive when inked with gold for example. The custom stamps are really nice to hold and you’ll want to keep them as a keepsake.

What kind of themes do you have for the save the date stamps?

We have many themes for custom wedding stamps – wildflower wedding, minimalist wedding, calligraphy wedding, natural wedding, willow wedding, nautical wedding, folk wedding, art deco wedding, charm wedding, winter wedding, garden wedding. The advantage of our type of custom save the date rubber stamps is that there is a common theme and once you have created your save the dates, you can continue with your custom wedding invitation, custom wedding favour rubber stamps and many more custom personalised rubber stamps.

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