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Wedding favours are used by the happy couple to give their guests a bespoke gift to keep. Wedding favors are personalised wedding guest gifts, usually of low value, to create a sense of bonding and belonging between the married couple and their invited guests. You can buy ready made wedding favours, but many couples like to have personalised wedding favours or homemade wedding favours. The gifts inside the favour are usually low value, but it’s the packing of them which can set them apart. If you make your own wedding favours, you will often find that they are wrapped in personalised paper, using custom rubber stamps to create this effect. Read More..

Why use personalised stamps for your wedding favours?

Personalised rubber stamps or custom stamps are perfect for branding your custom wedding favours with your own names or message. It’s a very nice touch to decorate your wedding favours with your own monogram rubber stamp, or custom rubber stamp. One of the benefits of making your own wedding favors is that it’s a bonding experience between the closest of the couple’s friends and the couple themselves. The wedding favors can be handmade many months in advance, if necessary, and stored in an airtight container, ready for the big day. Another reason to make your own wedding favours is because it will be much cheaper than buying the favours in. Unique wedding favors and diy wedding favors have become very popular and are an inexpensive way of adding to the whole wedding experience.

The English Stamp Company can make many unique wedding favors, commonly used is our ‘let love grow‘ rubber stamp –this is a lovely gift as you can stamp a small seed envelope with your custom made rubber stamp, with your names and the date of the big day on it. Inside the envelope you can place wild flower seeds and the guests can either spread the seeds from the packet, or they can actually plant the whole packet in the ground!

What popular wedding favour rubber stamp styles do you do?

Other popular personalised wedding favor rubber stamps are sweet or chocolate wrappers, mini bottle of sloe gin or other drinks, and seed packets. The English Stamp Company has many different styles of wedding favour rubber stamps, including wildflower, minimalist, calligraphy, natural and nautical personalised wedding favours. Getting together to make your unique wedding favors and personalised wedding favours is definitely the best way of bonding, way in advance of the actual big day. 

There are many complementary custom wedding rubber stamps you add to complete your theme. We can supply matching save the date rubber stamps, evening invitation rubber stampswedding address stamps, wedding monogram rubber stamps and wedding custom thank you rubber stamps. It gives a very professional look if you can match the themes across all of your wedding stationery and table decorations. Don’t forget that you can rubber stamp your table cloths and napkins, as well as your wedding favours.

Personalized wedding favour rubber stamps will be bought by brides and grooms looking to add a very personal touch to their big day. It can very much heighten the experience because you have made more of an effort. The very act of getting together to make your custom wedding favours using your custom personalised wedding rubber stamps is a significant act of bonding and will encourage you to enjoy the whole experience more. Custom wedding favour rubber stamps are the quickest and most cost effective way to make your custom wedding favours.

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