Stamping with Multiple Colours

You needn’t limit yourself to just one colour when inking with our stamps. You can use any of our Raised Ink Pads for this technique.
For more inking tips, see our full guide here.

1. Choose the colours you wish to use. VersaColor mini cube inkpads are useful for this technique because you can apply the ink precisely using the edges of their raised ink pad. You can also use any of our Raised Ink Pads

2. Apply the first ink colour to your stamp, making sure to remove any excess ink that gets in to unwanted parts of the stamp using a cloth or cotton tip.



3. Apply the second ink, being careful not to mix the colours. If you need to add particularly fine details it might be useful to use the eraser on the end of a pencil or similar.

4. When you’re satisfied that your design is inked up accurately, stamp it onto your chosen surface.



5. If stamping onto paper or card you can also add a plain or sparkly clear embossing powder to give it a raised effect.

6. The finished effect!

View our page on caring for your stamps to make them last longer.

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