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Business Address & Return Address Stamps


Rubber stamps are such a useful and economical way to create your own look and brand your business with an address stamp, personalised with your return address. We have plenty of rubber stamp ideas for you but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch. Many style of address stamps are available.

A return address stamp is a personalised rubber stamp used to mark your address on product packaging so items can be return if necessary.

The advantage of having your business address on a rubber stamp is that the address doesn’t need to be hand written each item and so it is always correct and is always legible. You might choose to use your return address stamp in your small business, for sending out letters or for save the date or wedding invitations. The Royal Mail recommends that you have a return address stamp on your mail and packages so they can return the item to the sender if for any reason it’s not possible to deliver the item. On an envelope you would normally put the return address on the back of the envelope. On a business parcel you cold place it on the back of the package or on the front, clearly marked “Return Address”.Read More.

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Business address and return address rubber stamps are customized stamps, personalised stamps and personalized rubber stamps that are used to mark your business address onto your packages and correspondence. The English Stamp Company can make many different types of business stamp for you. We can make business logo stamps, media business card stamps, custom text stamps, business card stamps, branding name stamps, business address stamps, business return address stamps, loyalty card stamps, but here we are most interested in the business return address stamps.

A business return address stamp would normally be around 50mm wide and 30mm high. This is large enough for you to be able to fit all your business details, to include your business name, business address, business logo and possibly your business phone number and business web site information. There are quite a few different template that we offer for your business address stamps. We have a regular address rubber stamps, arrow address stamps, your text address stamps, calligraphy address stamps, modern address stamps, art deco address tamps, minimalist address stamps, winter address stamps, stylish address stamps, wildflower address stamps and many other type of personalised custom rubber address stamps.

You can choose custom return address stamps from our web site. These are the most eco friendly stamps you can buy. Our rubber stamps have the lowest carbon footprint of any stamps on the market. Our rubber-type material is much more eco friendly than laser cut rubber stamps, which pollute the air with noxious fumes. Our wooden handles are made from beech, sourced from the EU. Our production process uses far less energy than traditional rubber stamp manufacture.

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