Inking Large Stamps

To ink larger stamps, you can use ink pads that have their pads raised a few millimeters above the plastic.
Large stamps work well but do require more patience and practice. You will get the best results using this inking technique and working above your project, i.e. standing up and working on a regular height table so you can use your body weight to push down on the stamp.

For more inking tips, see our full guide here.

1. Hold the stamp face up in one hand and the ink pad in the other.

2. Using a dabbing movement, cover the stamp with the ink pad. Don’t push too hard as you risk flooding your design.


3. The stamp is now fully inked.

4. Hold the stamp carefully over the surface to be stamped. Press down with a even amount of pressure.


5. The finished result!

6. To ink using this technique, choose a raised ink pad.

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