Clear Stamps

Clear Stamps

As standard, our custom stamps are made and mounted on wooden blocks.  However, you can opt to purchase your custom stamp as a clear stamp, with no backing and no handle.
This can be a useful option if you need to be very precise with placement. You can attach the clear stamp to a clear handle and see through to the surface you are stamping on to.
You can buy a sheet of clear stamps with an entire alphabet or compilation of images that you can then cut out your self and mount on to a clear handle or your own wooden handle.  

WE DON'T SELL CLEAR HANDLES but you can buy them from craft shops or online retailers. Alternatively, you can mount them yourself on a wooden block. For smaller stamps, a piece of doweling or wine cork could work.

WE DO SELL TACK 'N' PEEL which you can use to attach your clear stamps to clear handles.
Tack ‘N Peel is a unique, reusable product designed for creating a stamping block. Rinsing the surface with water and air-drying can easily preserve the adhesive layer. The stickiness will be restored over and over again. Tack 'N' Peel clear sheets can be used on acrylic or wood blocks.  However, its unique feature allows for any flat or curved surface to also become a stamping handle.


The 'Tack 'n' Peel' comes in sheets of A6 and this can be easily cut to size to fit your clear handle, or used alongside each other for larger handle.

One side of the 'Tack 'n' Peel' is permanently adhesive and this sits against the handle. The other side is tacky so it will hold your clear stamp in place but allow you to peel it off to reposition or to replace with a different stamp, time and time again.



Cut each of your clear stamp designs out. The closer you can trim to the design, the better.

Position your stamp on to the handle and carefully apply in to the raised section of the stamp only.



The clear stamp and handle will allow you to position your design perfectly on to the surface you are stamping.


Clear stamps can be rinsed in cool water and wiped with a cloth to clean. For storage, remove the stamp and reapply the clear film to the 'Tack 'n' Peel'.  You can refresh the tackiness by rinsing and air drying naturally.

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