Loyalty Card Stamps

Loyalty cards are used by companies to encourage repeat purchases by their customers. Traditionally, a company would have a printed card which they would rubber stamp each time the customer made a purchase. The loyalty card stamp is the rubber stamp used to mark the card. You would usually have a custom design on your rubber stamp so the customer could not easily replicate the stamped design.

The type of company that would use loyalty card stamps would typically be a coffee company. Each time you buy a coffee, the shop would stamp your loyalty card with the custom loyalty card stamp. Personalised loyalty card stamps or are very good to use for marking the loyalty cards as you can get your business branding message across. 

The customer will associate your coffee with a quality product! It’s not just coffee shops that can benefit from loyal cards however, other types of business where they might be used are places such as cafes, bars, clubs, cafes, takeaways, restaurants, hairdressers, barber shops, and nail shops etc.

Choosing the right loyalty stamp for you

You can choose a loyalty stamp, custom loyalty card stamp, or custom loyalty stamp in different sizes, with small stamps for loyalty cards. Custom rubber stamps of images are rubber stamps made with your own design or drawing. There are many uses for custom personalised rubber stamps. Loyalty cards can increase sales by encouraging customers to return – repeat business is what the shops want! It can also make the customer feel that they are part of the establishment and so they wish to return to the fold.

Use your business logo

Many of our rubber stamp customers use their personalized image logo rubber stamp for business and branding purposes. Traditionally businesses used paper cards for their loyalty cards. The card would be stamped with the personalised logo stamp each time the customer made a qualifying order or purchase. With the march of time, some businesses use electronic cards for their loyalty scheme. These are marked electronically. An advantage of a traditional paper card for the loyalty card that it is much simpler, cheaper and quicker to set up. For just a few pounds you can set up your loyalty scheme. You can have a business stamp to make your actual loyalty cards if you like. This way you can stamp your own type of card or paper. You can also rubber stamp your loyalty cards in different colours to reflect different products or seasons. The loyalty cards themselves can then be stamped using your loyalty card stamp.

Loyalty schemes have been around for many years, so they clearly work. They can be very effective and quick to set up. One of the quickest way to set up your scheme is by using custom rubber stamps. Rubber stamps can be used to make your loyalty cards and of course they can be used to actually stamp the loyalty cards using your custom business loyalty card stamp.

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