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Christmas & Festive Art Stamps

Christmas art stamps are rubber stamps with a Christmas themed design.

This differs from our custom Christmas rubber stamps as they are non-customisable however, they are part of our standard range of Christmas stamps and are less expensive than custom Christmas stamps.Read More.

What Types of Christmas Art Stamps Do You Do?

There are many types of Christmas rubber stamps that we supply, our most popular ones includes: Christmas tree rubber stamps, santa clause stamps, snowflake rubber stamps and many other types. We have a wide range of traditional Christmas rubber stamps which include partridge stamps, partridge in a pear tree, north pole rubber stamps and many types of star stamps. We also have various nativity rubber stamps such as tree kings and a nativity scene Christmas rubber stamp, which is perfect for a handmade Christmas card. Alternatively you can choose from our range of Christmas tree rubber stamps, jingle bells rubber stamps or a snowflake rubber stamps

If you prefer text stamps, we have a large range of Christmas text rubber stamps and greetings rubber stamps. Our most common include 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Christmas', both of which are part of our Christmas art rubber stamp range.

How Can I Use The Christmas Stamps?

There are many ways you can use your Christmas art rubber stamps. One of the most popular uses of your Christmas stamps can be to create custom stamped wrapping paper. For wrapping paper you can choose either the 2 inch of 4 inch stamps for best effect. Alternatively you can use three different sizes of snowflake rubber stamps to create a snow blizzard effect of Christmas stamps on your custom giftwrap. The larger Christmas art stamps are excellent for handmade cards. These festive rubber stamps are 4 inch size and are just perfect for stamping the middle of our 125mm square cards, leaving a small edge border. These square cards are available as white cards, brown card and black cards.

Christmas tree rubber stamps are our speciality. We have made many types of traditional Christmas tree stamps, including pine trees and a partridge in a pear tree rubber stamp, which is of course one of our 12 days of Christmas rubber stamps. Christmas tree rubber stamps can be combined on handmade cards or handmade giftwrap with snowflake rubber stamps to create the perfect Christmas scene.

Why Should I Buy Christmas Art Rubber Stamps?

The advantage of using Christmas art rubber stamps is that it is a very quick and easy way to make your homemade cards and wrapping paper. It is also very cost effective. For example you can use standard brown paper or even newspaper and quickly and effectively use your Christmas ink pad and create you own paper. It is much cheaper than buying printed paper and can be much more personal. You can also just the right size piece of wrapping paper so there’s very little wastage.

Why Choose The English Stamp Company For Your Christmas Stamps?

Our rubber stamps are of very high quality and eco friendly, using sustainable materials. With the correct care, they can last a very long time. There is a huge range of designs and all of our Christmas art stamps can be used with any colour ink pad, so you have a huge range of choices to achieve your desired stamped surface.

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