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Greeting Card Art Stamps


Rubber stamps are such a useful and economical way to create your own look with personalised greeting card stamps or Christmas card stamps or many other styles of custom stationery stamps ... we have plenty of rubber stamp ideas for you but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

There are many reasons to send someone a greeting card.

They can be sent, of course, for birthdays as birthday cards and are also very often sent at Christmas in the form of Christmas cards. Other suitable occasions to send greetings cards include: anniversaries, thank you cards, get well soon cards, congratulations cards and many more.Read More.

Why make your own greeting card?

Of course it is possible and very easy to just buy your greeting card, but it can be much more rewarding to create you own handmade card. People sometimes draw or paint a greeting card, however, it is very easy to create your own handmade greeting card using greeting card stamps. Greeting card rubber stamps give you a very wide range of options to create a personalised greeting card. You can use ready made art stamps from our wide range of designs, or you can create your own bespoke design of greeting card stamp. You can hand draw your design, create it as computer art, or you can use one of the many templates on our side and personalise it by adding your own name or greeting. We also have Happy Easter stamps and you can just type in your name and personalised message and we can make your stamp for you in just a day or so.

Another novel idea for a greeting card stamp is to have a stamp made from a photo. It’s very popular to have a stamp made from you pet, be it a cat or a dog photo stamp or any other animal. Why not have a photo rubber stamp made from your family group or house and add your personalisation for a unique type of getting card?

How to create your own greeting card

To create your handmade greeting card you will need a pack of our plain cards and envelopes, an ink pad and the rubber stamps of your choice. The rubber stamp can be one of our art rubber stamps, or one of our custom greeting card rubber stamps, as discussed above. Open out your folded card and place on a hard flat surface, such as a table top. After lightly tapping the ink pad onto your stamp, you should carefully stamp your card and set aside to dry. This is the easiest way of making greeting cards with rubber stamps and also hand stamped birthday cards. It’s easiest to hand stamp several cards one after the other, or indeed the whole of your pack of plain cards. This way you’ll always have spare cards for every occasion. Once you have finished your stamping project, you should carefully clean your stamp with stamp cleaner before patting dry and placing back into a cool dry storage area, with your other rubber stamps.

Why choose the English Stamp Company?

The English Stamp Company makes very high quality, quickly produced rubber stamps, hand made for you in the UK using eco friendly sustainable methods for manufacturing rubber stamps.

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