Our stamps work best when used gently. Dab your stamp with the ink pad.  This gives a better result and is less messy than pushing your stamp in to the ink pad.

We only recommend the ink pads sold on our website. If you intend to use a different medium, you will need to check with the manufacturer that the product is suitable.  DO NOT use any chemicals or spirits on your stamps!

Inking Large Stamps

Inking Large Stamps

To ink up larger stamps, you can use inkpads that have their pads raised a few millimetres above the plastic.

Tip 1 Tip 2
Tip 3 Tip 4
Tip 5 Tip 6
Stamping with Multiple Colours

Stamping with Multiple Colours

You needn't limit yourself to just one colour when inking with our stamps.

Colour 1 Colour 2
Colour 3 Colour 4
Colour 5 Colour 6

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