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Text Stamps

When choosing fonts, please be aware that solid fonts produce a clearer impression than more decorative fonts.

The smallest size font we would recommend is point 8. If you are using a more decorative or fine font, or stamping on anything other than paper or regular card you will need a larger size.

Some fonts have fine joins, stems and tails which won't work unless much larger. Even then, it's best to check with us first.

Solid, clear text in a point size 10
or more should work but we will
be happy to check for you.

Delicate, more decorative font
styles are generally not suited
to inverted style stamps.

Perfect! Solid, clear text.

This font is too small and the lines
are too fine to stamp well.

Decorative fonts can work but the lines
need to be solid like this.

This font is too fine causing the swirls
and joins to break.

If you add a border, it will work well if
your text fills the space within.

Text with lots of blank space won't stamp
well as ink gets onto the blank areas
and creates a ghosting effect.

Keep your lines balanced.
Multiple lines work better than one long one.

One long single line of text will cause your stamp
to be unstable which may result in blurry text.

If you're using dotted or thin lines,
we would recommend a larger font size.

The dotted and straight lines here will be too
fine to work well.