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Different Surfaces

You don't only have to stamp onto paper; create stamps you can use in your home too!

On Wood

Wood: using a VersaCraft Ink Pad

Useful tip: Use spray varnish to fix after stamping on wooden surfaces.

Different Surfaces

On Fabric

Fabric: VersaCraft Ink Pads are specially designed for stamping onto natural fabric and un-treated wood. Pre-wash the fabric before stamping to remove sizing and we recommend heat-setting your prints to make them permanent.


On The Walls

Emulsion: Use emulsion paint to stamp on interior walls and ceilings.

Useful Tip: Find a tester pot of emulsion paint and gently sponge the paint onto the stamp, or use a foam roller. Stamp onto a clean surface and voila!


Getting The Best Result

Make sure the surface you are stamping on is smooth and solid. If you are choosing to stamp on an uneven surface, make a solid surface to go underneath.


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