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How Green are We?

Our wooden stamp handles have always been made especially for us and are manufactured in the UK. They are made from beech wood, which is from a fast-growing and very sustainable tree. Our beech is ethically-sourced and grown within the EU.

We have replaced all the lighting in our factory, changing fluorescent strip lighting for modern high frequency tubes. We now use approximately 60% less electricity to produce roughly the same volume of stamps.

Our stamps are made of polymer, not natural rubber. Compared to natural rubber, our process uses around 95% less electricity to manufacture your stamps and produces about 67% less waste material. There are no noxious fumes produced in our process, unlike with natural rubber.

We  removed the propane gas heating from our factory and our winter heating is now supplied by a wood burning stove. To feed this in the future, we have planted 500 ash trees on part of our land. We should be self-sufficient by 2025. It's a while off, but we have at least set the clock ticking and we have access to sufficient firewood at present.

From June 2017 we have switched to a 100% green energy supplier, with all electricity used in our business balanced by the purchase of the same quantity of solar-generated electricity.