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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my stamp is larger than the XL ink pad?
A. If you are ordering a big stamp, you can any of our raised ink pads, where the inked pad is higher than the plastic base, so instead of pressing your stamp into the ink pad, you can press the ink pad on top of the stamp and dab it around until the whole area is covered.  See the range here.

Q. Where are the stamps I designed? Why can't I see my stamps in the basket? 
A. The most likely cause is that you didn’t actually add them to your basket. After typing your text, you pressed “Update Preview” to view your design. You then needed to scroll down the page and click the “Add To Basket” button. Unless you do this we won’t know that you have finished your design.

Another possibility is that you have changed the default security setting on your computer by turning off the cookies. Cookies should be turned on to use this website.

Q. Can I reorder a stamp I have already designed and bought on your site?
A. Yes. We keep your designs secure on our site and can reproduce them. Sign in to  your account and you will see an option to download your previously ordered designs.

Q. What about copyright of the designs which I have uploaded onto your site? 
A. You keep the copyright of any designs that you own. We will not produce stamps for anyone other than the copyright owner unless we have their written permission.

Q. Can I use any designs from the English Stamp website to create my own image for business or commercial use? 
A. No, our designs are hand drawn and are protected by copyright law. Please see our Angel Policy for details.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.