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Clear Stamps

One advantage of Clear Stamps is that you can see through the stamp handle for easy positioning of your design. Custom stamps are available in clear stamps; select this option when adding your stamp to your basket.

WE DON'T SELL CLEAR HANDLES but you can buy them from craft shops or online retailers. Alternatively, you can mount them yourself on a wooden block.

WE DO SELL TACK 'N' PEEL which you can use to attach your clear stamps to clear handles.

Tack ‘N Peel is a unique, reusable product designed for creating a stamping block. Rinsing the surface with water and air-drying can easily preserve the adhesive layer. The stickiness will be restored over and over again. Tack 'N' Peel clear sheets can be used on acrylic or wood blocks.  However, its unique feature allows for any flat or curved surface to also become a stamping handle.

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