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How to Use Clear Stamps

One advantage of Clear Stamps is that you can see through the stamp and handle for easy positioning of your design. Custom stamps are available as clear stamps – you simply need to select this option when adding your stamp to your basket.

Please note: We do not stock clear handles, but you can buy Tack 'N Peel here.


1. Separate and trim your clear stamps if necessary.
2. Cut the tack 'n peel sheet to fit the stamp handle. Peel off and discard the yellow film, leaving the clear film in place.
3. Press the tack 'n peel onto your stamp handle and remove the clear film (saving it to keep the sticky surface clean when not in use).
4. Press the clear stamp onto your handle and apply ink to the stamp.
5. Stamp your design onto your paper.
6. The finished result! Dab the stamp off on a damp cloth to clean. Remove the stamp for storage and replace the clear film onto the tack 'n peel to protect it. If the tack 'n peel loses its stickiness, rinse it in water and allow to dry naturally.