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Inking Large Stamps

To ink up larger stamps you can use inkpads that have their pads raised a few millimetres above the plastic as an applicator.

VersaFine Ink Pads

Application: Uncoated paper and card.

Our VersaFine inkpads are great for finely detailed images, text and archival quality on paper and other porous surfaces.  This pigment ink be can used for embossing as well as stamping.

Leave to dry for approximately 5 seconds (on thin high grade paper). Drying time varies based on weight/quality of paper/card. Once dry, stamped images are waterproof and will not smudge.

Archival and acid free.


VersaCraft Ink Pads

Application: Fabric, paper and un-treated wood, un-coated paper, tanned leather, unglazed pottery.

Fabric stamping is quick and easy with VersaCraft. Maintains the natural soft feel of     your fabric. Heat-set on natural fabrics (using an iron at appropriate temperature     setting recommended for that fabric) to make stamped images permanent.

Water-based; archival and acid free.