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Image Design Tips

If you are struggling to adjust your image to meet our required specification, please email it over to us. We don't offer a design service but will be happy to help with minor adjustments.

Successful images need to be in black and white only, no grey scale. We can't make every image into a stamp so will contact you if there are any problems with your upload.

Inverted images (where the bulk of the images takes on the ink and the lettering and/or image is cut away) can work as a stamp but there are factors to consider.

Small text and fine lines can fill in when inked and large, flat areas can stamp with a patchy effect.

Here are some examples of "Inverted Stamps' in use:

Solid, clear text in a point size 10
or more should work but we will
be happy to check for you.

Delicate, more decorative font
styles are generally not suited
to inverted style stamps.

Inverted text doesn't always give a clear print. It needs to be clear, solid and large enough not to fill with ink.


100mm Stamp:
The large solid area can
be patchy. For best results,
use a VersaFine ink pad.


50mm Stamp:
As long as the text is clear and
solid, and your image is
not too detailed, this size usually
works well.


25mm Stamp:
It is unlikely that an inverted stamp will work well at this size.
Detail is likely to fill with ink and the 
text/image detail will be lost.

Images with lots of blank space don't stamp well as ink gets onto the blank areas
and creates a ghosting effect.

Black and white images are best
(no grey scale).

Colour images often don't have
enough contrast to work.

This image is clear and has solid,
crisp lines.

This image has been taken from a web page
and is too fuzzy (low resolution).

There is a lot of detail here but the lines are solid and
close together which will give a good result.

These lines are too thin and faint.
Some of the detail is too fuzzy.

About Copyright

Q. What about the copyright of the designs which I have uploaded to your site?

A. You keep the copyright of any designs that you own. 
We will not produce stamps for anyone other than the copyright owner unless we have their permission.