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Make your own business cards and other branding ideas

The cost involved in starting up your own business and in getting your brand recognised can mount up quite quickly. We’ve put together a few ideas that will help you keep the costs down but ensure that the results are just as effective and striking.

After the product or service you are offering, your logo and branding will probably be the next most important decision you make. This will be the first thing that potential customers will see when choosing who to buy from.

Branding is one of the more important aspects of a business as it allows customers to know what to expect from your company as well as making a memorable impression. How many times have you seen a beautiful logo and remembered it? Chances are, if you are anything like us, a beautiful logo sticks in your memory, and has you going back for more. Branding can influence how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness. It is important to be able to show the character of your business, to make it recognisable and distinctive.

Getting started with branding doesn’t have to cost the Earth. There are many online tools, templates and online brand designers available to help you create a logo.

Stamps are such a useful and economical way to create your own look and to brand your business. Stamp your logo, packaging, bags, cups, business cards, t-shirts, aprons, swing tags and anything else that sits still long enough- maybe the odd customer!

For less than £30 you can make sure no surface is left unbranded!

This month we are showing you how to create your branding material using stamps. Using 2 stamps, we will show you how to make your own business cards, thank you cards, gift tags, branded postage boxes, gift wrap and branded bags.

Stamping your own business cards couldn’t be easier and in the long term it is much cheaper than having them printed. With just two stamps you can make your own cards forever and never have to worry about reordering. Stamping onto recycled card also means that there is no worry of the printed inks being toxic, or having a plastic coating on the paper making them non-recyclable. All our ink pads are non-toxic. Our wooden stamp handles have always been made especially for us and are manufactured in the UK. They are made of beech wood from a fast-growing and very sustainable tree. Our beech is ethically-sourced and grown within the EU. Our stamps are made of polymer, not natural rubber. Compared to natural rubber, our process uses around 95% less electricity to manufacture your stamps and produces about 67% less waste material. There are no noxious fumes produced in our process, unlike with natural rubber.

We have used the wonderful Dorset Bird Feed Company for this post as we absolutley love their packaging and they have a beautiful logo. We also love that it is quality wild bird seed made in Great Britain using 100% biodegradable packaging​​​​​​​. Visit their website here.

For the business cards we have used grey recycled business card blank cards from Eco Craft seen here.

We started by choosing an ink pad colour that matched the brand. We chose VersaColor large ink pads in Lapislazuli and Green Tea. We used these ink pads to stamp one side of the business cards.

On the other side we wanted to ensure all the brands details were stamped. We used the Custom Business Card Stamp template (seen here) to design our own, where we put all contact information and social media details. We stamped this using a VersaFine black ink pad, which are great for stamping text as it picks up all the finer details.

The Dorset Bird Feed Company uses the most gorgeous packacking to put the bird seed in, we couldn’t help but notice that it would also make for the best business cards! We used a business card as a template and simply laid it over the box and cut around the shape of the card. We used the Custom Business Card Stamp to stamp the backs of these.

You can also use the logo stamp to create your own gift wrap or decorate postage boxes when sending online orders- a lovely finishing touch.

We can make a custom stamp for you from your logo, a drawing or illustration, handwriting or from a graphic. If your image meets our required technical specification (see here), you can upload it here.

If you need advice, would like your business details added to your logo, need your image resizing or want to check your image will work, please get in touch.

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