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Which ink pad to use and how to use it
Which ink pad to use and how to use it

With so many ink pads available, how do you know which one to choose? Things to consider are: what you are stamping on to, how big your stamp is, how detailed your design is and…

How To Clean Your Stamps

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We often get asked about the best ways to keep your stamps in top condition. With the correct care, your stamps will last for years. We have some that are over 20 years old and still in great condition!

It’s important to clean your stamps between different colours and before storing them. You should never wash a mounted stamp under the tap as the rubber can come away from the cushion.

We only recommend the ink pads sold on our website as we have sourced these (with many years of experience and practice) and we know that they will keep your stamp in its best condition. If you intend to use a different medium, you will need to check with the manufacturer that the product is suitable.

Please do not use any chemicals or spirits on your stamps! This will damage the stamp and affect its quality.

Two methods of cleaning stamps

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English Stamp | Blog Post

Start with two cloths and dampen one and leave the other one dry.

Lay the cloths side-by-side and start by stamping repeatedly onto the damp cloth.

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You may need to hold the cloth and gently scrub the stamp until the ink comes off. If you have a delicate design with thin lines you will need to be more careful.

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Next, dry your stamp on the dry cloth or towel by tapping it until the moisture comes off.

Polymer stamps can become a little sticky after cleaning them, so the next step is essential:

Give them a light dusting with talcum powder and brush off with a dry paint brush. This will absorb excess moisture and will preserve the stamps until you use them again.

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Next we will show you how to use the stamp cleaner. This is great for really grubby stamps.

It is an acid-free formula that cleans all water-based rubber stamp inks.

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To use the stamp cleaner:

  • Tap the cleaner tip all over the stamp to get the liquid out.
  • Rub the cleaner gently over the stamp surface. You will see the ink start to come away from the stamp, and it may run a bit, so keep a damp cloth handy.
  • Wipe down the surface of the stamp with a damp cloth to get the remains of the ink off.
  • For stubborn stains, repeat the process.
  • As with before, you will then need to dry the stamp with a dry cloth/towel and finish it off with some talcum powder.
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English Stamp | Blog Post

Store your stamps and ink pads in an air-tight box and keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.

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