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How to Emboss...

Show me the embossing powders!

1. Apply ink to your stamp. It is easier to dab downwards onto the stamp, rather than to press the stamp onto the inkpad.
2. Press your stamp firmly onto the paper.
3. Pour plenty of embossing powder over the stamped image. You should have a few minutes to work while the ink is still wet.
4. Pour the excess powder back into the pot (you actually use very little).
5. Apply heat with your heat gun (not a hairdryer, which will blow the powder off and is not hot enough). You will see the powder melt in just a few seconds. Switch off the heat gun and wait a few more seconds for the powder to be cool to the touch.
6. Voila! The silver powder has completely covered the ink colour underneath and you have a beautifully shiny, embossed finish!